My Dear Darling Grand Opening

Hello and welcome! I’m so excited about the grand opening of My Dear Darling! I’ve been working extra hard to launch before the holidays. Yay! Success. 😀

Personalize your cute Penguin plush at MyDearDarling’s Etsy shop. You can customize it for your loved one or even for yourself with a bow, earmuffs, or a heart with a letter of your choice! OR you can get them all! Here are some pictures of the Penguin plush you can personalize.

PENGUIN PLUSH: This is the plush doll before it is personalized. They stand about 10.5 inches tall and 5.5 inches wide. They’re made from black, white and orange fleece fabric and plastic eyes. The Penguins are huggable and lovable, sure to bring smiles to its recipients.

ADD A BOW: You can add a bow of your choice of pink or blue on the neck or head of the penguin. Bow tie or hair bow, which will it be?

ADD EARMUFFS: You can add red earmuffs on your doll to keep your Penguin plush warm during the cold winter nights.
ADD A HEART: Show your love by adding a heart with a letter of your choice! If his name’s Travis, why not add a heart with a “T”? Or do you want that special someone to know it’s from you? Add the first letter of your name!
ALPHABET: Here’s a sample of the other letters that you might want to use instead of “T”.

I know it’s just one item, but keep checking back for more gifts you can personalize coming soon! Thanks for stopping by!

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