Best Birthday Surprise!

I was browsing on Etsy when my husband pointed out, “Why is your panda on the front page?”. “WHAT?! WHERE?!” 😀 I still can’t believe it! I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday gift. Thank you Etsy and everyone! ❤
Have a wonderful Sunday!

2 thoughts

  1. omg please don’t hate me… i bought your panda and when i went to the gift guide section (a second time) i couldn’t find it! and i dont know if it’s because i just bought it and it takes it down.. but PLEASE dont hate me!! i think you should put another one up in stock so it can be shown in the gift guides… 😦 sorry!!!!!!!!!! i should have waited till noon to buy it so everyone can go and look but i was so excited and i’ve been waiting for a time to buy one when no one is online cuz i really really want one and now i feel bad and if i had known that it would do that, i wouldn’t have bought it at frickin 2 in the morning.. sorry sorry sorry akiyo!!!


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