My Dear Darling Personalization

Personalized Panda Pillow

Out of all my pillows, I have to say, the panda is the most popular. I don’t know what it is about pandas that people just enjoy! 🙂 These are some pictures of personalized panda pillows I made for three special customers. They’re great gifts for friends and family because they can be used almost anywhere. Interested in personalizing your own panda pillow? Email me at 😀 Click on the photos to see non-personalized versions of the panda pillow.

Here are other pillow options: Bear, Bunny, Monkey, V•Day Bear, V•Day Panda
Another gift you can personalize: Penguin Plush
Other photos of personalized gifts: Click Me 🙂

3 thoughts

  1. First off, let me thank you soooooo much for making my “Pandgela” pillow for my bestie, Angela. She absolutely loves it! It rests adorably on her bed with her other panda.Thank you, thank you, thank you.


  2. I just found you while wandering around on Indie Public. I love, love,love these. I have a feeling since my five year old has seen them too that we will have one in our future! 🙂


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