I was browsing online in Etsy’s “Season of Love” Gift Guide today because they’ve chosen a TON of great items and shops that I haven’t seen. It’s inspiring and I’m thinking of buying a gift or two. But I gotta keep it on the dl so DH doesn’t see. šŸ˜› I also clicked around to find my Gold & Yellow Versatile Pouch in the “Under $20” section!!! I feel so lucky. :’) Thanks Etsy again.

On a different note… I went on a walk with DH and Katsu, our dog, today. We walked through parts of our neighborhood that we had NEVER seen before. (We moved up here last June but haven’t gone exploring much.) Huge ranch style houses and horses and we came across the rusty mailbox above. šŸ™‚ Makes ya think what other treasures are hiding around the corner.

Happy Saturday!

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