Shout Out – dindi

Designer Erna Price

Last month, I had the pleasure to stumble upon Erna‘s Etsy shop, dindi. I was trying to find a Christmas gift for myself from my husband and knew I wanted a charm necklace. Erna’s works stood out to me because of the clever phrases she engraves in each of her charms. I definitely had a difficult time choosing just one. But I eventually did and ordered In Charge, and I absolutely love it! Her work reflects the wabi-sabi style (read her profile to find out more on this style) and it’s very well designed. Here are a few questions I asked Erna:

What name do you go by?
My name is Erna Price, but on etsy I am known by the name of “dindi”.
I took this name from the famous song “dindi” by Antonio Carlos Jobim.

Where are you from?
I´m originaly from Java, grew up in The Netherlands and now I live in Germany

What is your favorite food?
Indonesian food is my favourite! (I don´t like pasta!)

What is your inspiration?
I get my inspiration from everything around me: from poems, quotes, and colours and the material I´m working with…and MUSIC!!

Who is your favorite artist?
I have lots of favourites, but my favourite jewelry maker has to be Jes MaHarry.

Go check out her shop and let me know which was YOUR favorite! 😀

Photo: Count the Moments

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