Shout Out – glasfaden

Artist Devi Schäfer-Tjandra

Our last feature, dindi, has given a Shout Out to glasfaden.

Ms. Devi, is multi-talented. She’s from Indonesia, living in Germany who also speaks English. (It doesn’t stop there.) She’s capable of computer programming, making hand felted objects, making glass beads, designing graphics and digital arts, working part time in a B&M shop and caring for her son! Check out her profile for a more detailed background. 🙂 There’s a wide range of items in Devi’s shop, which reflect her range of talents. All her products are very unique and one of a kind. Here’s a few questions I asked her:

What name do you go by?
‘glasfaden’ is a German word for English ‘stringer’ in the glass world. It’s a thin glass rod (sometimes hair-like), which is used to decorate things (in my case glass beads). I thought, it sounds like a word game for someone, who don’t know it. Just perfect to describe, which materials I use most in my shop – glass and thread/fiber.

Where are you from?
I came from Jakarta, Indonesia. A big city girl ^_^

What is your favorite food?
Sushi, combro (it’s an Indonesian snack made of cassava, filled with oncom and noodle (any kind of noodle :)).

What is your inspiration?
Mostly the material itself (texture and colors), but nature also give me a lot of inspirations.

Who is your favorite artist?
I admire the work of M.C. Escher and R. Magritte. As for living artists there are simply too many, which I love 🙂

Go check out her shop and let me know which item of hers is YOUR favorite! 😀

Photo: Ladybug’s Garden

NOTE: From here on out, the featured seller will be Shouting Out to another seller. This way I get to share shops that I wouldn’t have come across myself. 😀

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