My Dear Darling Personalization

Personalized Panda Pillows

The two pictures above are some cute ideas that a couple of my special buyers came up with. The first pillow says “Ni Hao” in Chinese which translates to “Hello”. The second pillow has a Mac Apple logo that was turned into a heart. 😀 So cute!

Yesterday, I finished a couple custom orders non-My Dear Darling related. One of them took about a month to create and I’m so excited for my client to receive it. And the other I’ll be sending out today. I hope they both love it as much as I loved working on the projects. 😀 I’ll be posting pictures up once they receive it… because it’s only fair that they see it first, right? 😉 *excited* Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Previous personalized pillows: 03.02.09, 02.16.09, 01.26.09, 01.05.09, 12.26.08

REMINDER: Today is Free Greeting Card Friday! 😀

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