My Dear Darling Personalization

Personalized Penguin Plush

Today, I present to you, Bunnie and Bubbie! I made these penguins disguised as a bunny and a bear for my good friend and her boyfriend. She’s been waiting since I came out with my first penguin to see what other new items I launch. She would hint at me to make a bear plush doll but instead I made her penguins in a bear & bunny costume… And she loves them! 😀 It’s weird saying this when I’m the one who made it, but I want one! Lol. They’re so cute! Thank you S & V!

Other personalized penguins: Cow Costume, Monster Costume, Lollipop Girl & Tool Belt Boy, Princess Cloak, Scarf & Bow, Scarf & Earmuffs, Sorority, Baseball Cap

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