Amy Fleisher Art Doll Series Part I

Last week, I blogged about a custom order that I was excited to share with you and today, I will share Part I of the series. Ms. Fleisher came to me with a digital drawing of her original character that combined the Penguin Books Publishing Company’s mascot and the famous fairy tale character, Pinocchio. She asked if I can create a plush doll of her character and I was ecstatic! Honestly, I was super grateful that this opportunity landed on my lap (thanks to B), but also a bit worried whether or not I’d get it done on time or how the final product would actually look. But, my husband helped me concept the Pinocchio penguin in 3D to get a better idea of what he’d look like and a month later, this plush art doll was created! 😀 He stands on his own, weighs a bit and uber cute! What do you think?

Check out her website at www.amyfleisher.com while you wait for the reveal of the rest of her characters!

NOTE: My laptop is working wonderfully! Thank you for all your advice and stories. 🙂

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