My Dear Darling Personalization

Personalized Panda Pillow

It’s already the last Friday of the month! I cannot believe how time has been flying lately. I feel like we JUST welcomed in the New Year and now it’s Spring. Maybe it’s just part of growing old. 🙂 This week was a pretty busy week with My Dear Darling and other design projects… and there’s still a month more of this craziness. I’m hoping to launch the My Dear Darling website by May… Haha, don’t go look at it now because it’s quite boring. So much to look forward to! 😀

Previous personalized pillows: 03.25.09, 03.23.09, 03.20.09, 03.06.09, 03.02.09, 02.16.09, 01.26.09, 01.05.09, 12.26.08

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