Holly Aboard Contest

Enter to WIN a NEW My Dear Darling Pillow

My friend and talented designer, Bryce Butcher, has created a paper doll for her Digital Illustration class at Art Center. She sent me the file so I can test it out myself. Using an Xacto knife, scissors, glue and some double stick tape, I put Holly Aboard together last night so you can get an idea of what she looks like. I think you can agree with me when I say she’s absolutely adorable. I had so much fun putting Holly Aboard together, I thought, why not hold a contest so others can put her together and give away the newest My Dear Darling pillow that will come out at the end of this month. 😀

All you have to do is download the Holly Aboard PDF file (here), print, put her together, take a photo and send it to Submit@MyDearDarling.com

*Will not accept photo entries after April 30th.
*Limit one photo of your Holly Aboard per person. Do not send more than ONE photo or you will be disqualified.
*Your submitted photos must be appropriate for all ages.
*You will be judged on the accuracy of your Holly Aboard, composition of your photograph, and creativity.
*Anyone can enter as long as you have an address for me to send a My Dear Darling pillow.
*No hate mail or whining if you do not win.

Bryce Butcher and myself

Submit your Holly Aboard photo to Submit@MyDearDarling.com by April 30th to enter for a chance to win the NEW My Dear Darling pillow. The winner will be announced Monday, May 4th.

3 thoughts

  1. WooHoo!! Just showed the teach & classmates the blog! & Holy Aboard! She loves it!!! A few people have now said they want some of your penguins! lol Great idea to post!! You did such a great job!!! Love you!


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