My Dear Darling Personalization

Personalized Penguin Plush

Don’t mess with those army of penguins! 🙂 These penguins were personalized for three of our U.S. Army soldiers. They each have a beret, a dog tag and the camouflage uniform with “U.S. ARMY” and their last names. A lot of reading and research went into this project and it was very interesting to find out many facts about their uniforms. My favorite part was the photo shoot, having all three of them together. What do you think?

Other personalized penguins: Bear and Bunny Costume, Cow Costume, Finnish Graduate, Monster Costume, Lollipop Girl & Tool Belt Boy, Princess Cloak, Scarf & Bow, Scarf & Earmuffs, Sorority, Baseball Cap

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I got a lot of things done but I still have lots to do. I’m hoping to finish two more personalized penguins tonight and crossing my fingers to have my wedding invitations ready to send out also. My husband and I eloped last September and since our families and friends missed out on it, we’re having a super small intimate wedding for our one year anniversary. Talk about fast vow renewal. 😛 It’s already FIVE MONTHS AWAY and I’ve got close to nothing done. Time’s definitely a tickin’. Browsing wedding blogs and shops online and reading Martha Stewart’s Wedding magazine has been helpful but so much to do in so little time! I think I finally see why brides get so caught up in the planning.

Here’s what’s to look forward to this week:
• New My Dear Darling Shop items this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
• Promo of the Month for May (Six months in business special)
• Winner of Holly Aboard Paper Doll Contest announcement

6 thoughts

  1. Great Army Penguins – Yes, 3 in the photo shoot is adorable- I hope they didn’t vie for the front spot! :-0
    Good luck with the vow renewal – a nice idea for teh family to be able to partake and celebrate with you. 🙂


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