Fan Moments

Peko, the Cow Penguin Plush, in China – Part I

Last Monday, I mentioned here that I was excited about sharing photos for my Fan Moments. And here they are! 😀

R gave H a special penguin plush doll dressed up in a cow costume for Valentine’s Day. She instantly loved him and they decided to name him Peko. Since then, R&H have taken him on various adventures. In April, I posted a couple photos they sent me of Peko in San Francisco. So darling! 🙂 And recently, the couple took him half way around the world to China where his big adventure began. 😀 Here are Part I of the photos:

The Bund, Shanghai.

Peko’s so rich!

Nom nom nom!

Peko’s expensive new hobby: photography.

Enjoying a mango drink 🙂

Taking a break in our hotel room.

There are more photos to come. 😀

Thank you so much for sharing these photos with me, R&H! ❤

4 thoughts

  1. THESE ARE SOOOO CUTE! They bring tears to my eyes! R&H are awesome!! Akiyo, you are known throughout the world for sure now!


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