Shout Out – MaisysMarket

Vintage Collections by Amy

Back in May, I came across MaisysMarket and her wide collection of vintage finds. I was in the process of redesigning my home office (okay, I still am, slowly but surely) and found these milk glass planters and knew right away I had to get them. Amy was such a sweet seller and I received them very quickly. So here they are, on my desk along with my green mini penguin peaking out. 🙂

She’s got many items in her shop with great prices! I’m really diggin’ this white milk glass bowl and these vintage orange bowls. Oh, and my favorite right now is this bird dish for only $6! Check out her Etsy shop for other cute vintage finds. Do you see anything you’d like in your home? 🙂

Photo: my milk glass planters

3 thoughts

  1. You are soooo sweet. Thank you so much. I am happy you love them. I must say…they do look darling!I am a milk glass FREAK!!! The more the better.x0


  2. Oh, oh, not fair to show me this shop!! You know, I love glass! Her shop is simply adorable – all the milk glass items, the mirror tray, the retro platter,..You green penguin is looking so cute in there ^_^


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