Shout Out – Hoxton Handmade

Electric Sheep Podcast

A few weeks ago, my friend introduced me to Podcasts. I had heard about them but never really listened to one. He showed me the way around the iTunes store and how you could search for Podcasts under topics of interest. Of course, the first one under “crafts” was Etsy’s Podcast. I believe most of them are linked to Etsy’s blog so you don’t necessarily have to subscribe if you’re on top of their blog posts. I subscribed anyway just in case I’d miss anything and continued searching for others.

After a few hours, I stumbled across the Electric Sheep. I listened to the latest post, Tea and Sympathy, and loved it. The topics, the tempo, the humor and the background music mixed so well, like your favorite cocktail; the same mixed drink that you tend to order everytime you go out to a bar. I listened to one of her older ones, enjoyed it, subscribed and downloaded the rest. I even sent her fanmail, which is very unlike me. I just had to tell her that everytime I’m sewing away, listening to her Podcast, not only do I get so much more done but I get a sense of experiencing life in London for that short period of time. Simply lovely.

So what is Electric Sheep? Katie, the voice on Electric Sheep, is a knitter in London and shares stories about knitting and crafting. But it doesn’t stop there. She also mixes it with a little history, philosophy and current events all related to knitting or crafts. She has a site, Hoxton Handmade, where you can also hear her Podcasts. You should definitley stop by and listen while you work. She’ll have you smirking if not laughing out loud. 😀

If you listened to the Electric Sheep, did you like it? 🙂 What other Podcasts do you subscribe to?

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