Shout Out – Annie’s Sweatshop

For Pet Lovers by Annie

Katsu was in dire need of a new collar and leash. But not just any collar and leash… something durable that would actually last us quite a while. Although Katsu’s a small Carin Terrier, he’s super strong and his leashes don’t last too long. So I went on a little Etsy hunt for a durable, handmade leash and found AnniesSweatshop. 🙂 I loved the different variety of colors and patterns. I was about to get a cute red one but remembered the last time he had a red collar, everyone thought he was a girl. I decided to go with this gray and black houndstooth matching collar and leash. Annie was such a lovely seller and helpful with some decision making (size-wise). I’m absolutely happy with it and so is Katsu. The cute white button tops it all off. We’ve had it for a couple months now and the little rascal hasn’t done any damage to it. Let’s try to keep it that way. 🙂

photos: Dog Leash – Eco Friendly – Grey Houndstooth – Recycle and Save

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