Fan Moments: Red Near the Plinth

I’m so excited to share this lovely story with you today! My best friend’s boyfriend surprised her by planning a trip to the UK for their 5 year anniversary! Isn’t that so sweet? Guys, you should take notes from him. 😉 So within a week of finding out, they were off to see London among other various cities. I was so excited for her, a bit jealous to be honest so I asked if she could stuff me in her suitcase so I could go with her. Of course, that didn’t happen. Shucks. Before she left, I had her promise me to drop by the plinth so I can get a glimpse of her in London while I sat at home in front of the computer in California.

For those of you who are not aware of the plinth, it’s an awesome project by sculptor, Antony Gormely. He created an empty fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square in London so people, like me and you (well, if you were able to get your butt over there), can participate in becoming a living monument in this artistic experiment: One & Other. Each hour, one participant gets to showcase whatever they please on the plinth platform and the entire act is streamed through live cam via SkyArts. It started on July 6th and continues on for 100 days, till October 14th. There’s something new to watch every hour so see what’s on now! It gets quite addicting when the plinther is doing interesting things.

So, my point of the story is, my best friend went to the plinth and took her mini penguin, Red!

Red in front of the plinth (shot by her camera)

I spotted my best friend on the live cam online!

She’s holding up Red!

They changed the camera view so I was able to see her hold up Red.

My best friend, her boyfriend and friend leaving the plinth.

I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw her on the screen. And she even got shots with Red in them! 😀 Thanks, B!

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  1. Omg those turned out so funny! I didn’t realize we were so far from the camera! And I didn’t know there was a camera behind us either! Lol! Those are great to see, makes me feel like I’m there all over again 🙂


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