Fan Moments: Red in the UK

Happy September! I can’t believe it’s already our vow renewal/wedding month. It feel like just yesterday we eloped. 🙂 But now I finally get to walk down the isle with my dad and say our “fake” I-Do’s. Hehe. I sure got a lot to take care of before the ceremony. *sweat*

Do you have any special plans for this new month?

Last week, I shared a few photos of Red, my best friend’s mini penguin, and his stop over to the One and Other plinth. Here are the rest of Red’s photos in his adventure to the UK. I actually have no idea where these were taken because I’ve never been, so if I say anything wrong please correct me. 🙂

Red not sharing his


pear cider and drooling over his

hot dog

sausage and mash (S&M).

Peaking through the red telephone booth.

Looks like he’s caught red handed.

Eating his favorite chocolate snack.

Drank a little too much gin and tonic.

“Hello?! Are you going to stop taking photos and help me here?”


the clock tower

Big Ben.

By the way, if you’ve never tasted the Bueno chocolate bar, you’re seriously missing out. B sent me one (yes, she was being greedy, jk) and it was delicious! 😀

Thank you, B for sharing these with me. I wanted to post other landscape photos but I figured they were private. 😛

5 thoughts

  1. Yea! I freaked out when I found the white chocolate ones! They’re different looking, but ultimately so scrumptious! Yea, I totally loaded my backpack full of the reg ones… It’s so wonderful to know I can have one whenever I want without going out of the country or a long drive to a specialty candy shop! haha 😀


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