Shout Out – English Tea

Rich & Delicious

I know it’s Friday but I owe you a Shout Out so I decided to dedicate it to English tea. 🙂 As you know, my BFF had a lovely vacation in England and brought me back some awesome gifts. Before she left, she asked me if I wanted anything… actually, I think I told her to bring me back something. 😛 So she asked what I’d like and I couldn’t think of anything besides an umbrella. o_O Yes, an umbrella. But since umbrellas take up too much luggage space, I remembered I was running low on tea and wanted to try real English tea. She came back with more than just a tea bag:

Bueno Bar (seriously, you have to try this)
• New English Teas (pictured above)
• Talors of Harrogate Yorkshire Gold teas (sipping on now)
• Awesome wooden pieces of London (simply beautiful)

I’ll elaborate on the wooden pieces in a different post because they’re just that awesome. But today, I wanted to share the English teas. I love the handmade miniature teapot! You can’t possibly tell by the photo but the teapot in the photo above is barely 2.5 inches tall! I suppose it’s functional but I’d need to get a miniature teacup to fill. 😉 On the back of the packaging (not shown), they explain what the teapot means to the British:

“To the British, a teapot is an essential part of daily life. It has been a part of English culture since tea was introduced to England by Charles II’s Queen, Catherine of Braganza in 1657.

“The teapot carries with it a rich history of much that is best about English culture and experience.

“Tea remains today what it has been to generations of people, a symbol of good neighbourliness and friendship between people of many different nations.”

I love when well designed packages offer more than just selling the product. 🙂 After reading this, I started to want to collect teapots! Well, I think the miniature handmade teapot added to my obsession. In anycase, the tea is definitely rich compared to the watered down American kind. Yum!

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