NEW My Dear Darling Gift

NEW Zombie Penguin Plush

Last night, my husband and I watched Quarantine (husband’s choice, of course). How appropriate, right? I usually cover my eyes in scary movies, but from what I saw, the zombies somewhat looked like this penguin: Guts coming out, stitches after they were bitten and the discoloration of their skin. Enjoy! 🙂

I’m receiving requests on an entire line of not-so-cute penguins. What’s your take? Do you like the zombie?

8 thoughts

  1. Okay, okay, I’ve calmed down with excitement. Are you going to be selling this little zombie penguin friend of yours? Email me! If you are, I wanna know how much he is. 🙂 birdtroublefashion [!at]


  2. Thank you for the positive feedback! 😀
    @ Bird Trouble, I’ll post the details about purchasing the Zombie Penguin sometime this week. And just to make sure you get the info, I’ll email you the details too! 😉


  3. Somehow I missed the big reveal, but he (she…it?) is AMAZING! And I’m not into horror flicks, but I’d own him. Please, make more!


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