Shout Out – Keepsake Blossoms

Handcrafted Clay Flowers

As you know, my husband and I renewed our vows a couple months back. Prior to the wedding, I was scrambling to find the right bouquet and boutonniere since there were restrictions on having real flowers on a cruise ship wedding. I vaguely remember hearing about clay flowers from a friend of mine back in college but after doing a serious search online, I decided these were the perfect way to go: artificial, realistic, beautiful, lasting, strong, and the list goes on. I contacted an Etsy seller but she was already completely booked, which made me panic. If she couldn’t do it, what were the chances of getting it done at all? But she referred me to Keepsake Blossoms and I was (still am) more than pleased with the results.

Deb, who is behind the breathtaking creations, is one of the sweetest people you could work with. She’ll make sure you get what you want and her portfolio is full of beautiful shots of her works. I’m pretty sure I annoyed her with my endless list of questions in the beginning but she answered them all in such a short amount of time. I think I learned a thing or two about being a helpful seller. πŸ˜‰ During the preparation, I was starting to get very stressed and got pretty sick. But when I opened the box of beautiful flowers (I ordered a few more boutonnieres and a couple corsages) I was shaking with excitement. I literally teared up with relief and actually started looking forward to the wedding. ;P You should definitely check out her flickr page and blog which showcases all her crafts and even publications she’s been featured in.

Photos: Mini Blending in with Flowers, Mini with Flowers

Did you check out her work? Wasn’t it amazing? πŸ˜‰

7 thoughts

  1. She makes stunning flowers indeed (I love the colors of your bouquet)!! Unbelievable, that they are made of clay..Thanks a lot for the link, Akiyo! I wish, I could go there.. ^_^


  2. I was so nervous myself when I first ordered as well.. I thought Clay flowers??? Seriously.. but then they came in and I fell in love.. I am ALWAYS singing her praises when ppl are looking for flowers period! I just recently ordered from her again and I can’t wait to get my piece.. Congratulations on your wedding!


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