My Dear Darling Fan Food Contest 2009

Brandon and I are both wowed by all the creative entries we received for this year’s Fan Food Contest! (We loved it so much, we decided we’ll be holding this contest every year!) I seriously can’t stop smiling and I keep looking at these photos over and over again. Thank you SO SO much for everyone who participated! We’d love to send you a little gift for taking your time to enter the contest, so please email us your address at ๐Ÿ˜€

Without further ado, here are the entries for the 1st Annual My Dear Darling Fan Food Contest 2009! Please vote for your favorite creative creation:

Caught In A Snow Storm by Katy
Ingredients: rice crispy treat, chocolate, marshmallows, coconut flakes
Family of My Dear Darling Characters by Bryce
Ingredients: rice krispie treats, chocolate

Mummy Penguin by Kay
Ingredients: sponge cake, frosting, coffee bean

My Penguin by Anne
Ingredients: yellow cake, sugar cookies, dark chocolate icing, white icing,
strawberries, reese’s peanut butter pieces, orange frosting, spork, love

Penguin Wearing A Hat by Nick
Ingredients: eggplant, american cheese, icing, chocolate chips

The Most Awesome Penguin Ever by V
Ingredients: rice, ketchup, mustard, frosting, baking soda, chocolate chip

The Fan Favorite Winner will receive a Mini Penguin in the color of their choice and the Official Winner will be announced next Monday! (Contest Info)

Favorite My Dear Darling Fan Food Creation?

Voting ends Friday, November 13th at midnight PST.

5 thoughts

  1. You’re too sweet B! Thanks. And honestly, I think your entry is the best.. you’re rice krispy treats came out sooo much better than mine did. I have a feeling the grand prize is in your bag ;D


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