Shout Out – An Awesome Book!

I came across An Awesome Book by Dallas Clayton via poppytalk‘s post here and was immediately drawn. I loved the concept of reminding children, even adults, to dream big.

Awesome Book Tour from Dallas Clayton on Vimeo.

After stopping by Clayton’s website, I found that you could read the book online here. I read through and at the end, had tears in my eyes. (Okay, I may be a little more emotional than the average person, but it was THAT good!) It was awesome! 😉 So I bought two copies, one for myself and another for our friends’ kids, the perfect Christmas gift. I recommend this book to anyone, really… at least read it online and be touched. “For every book we sell, we give one away.” Now, that’s an awesome project!

Photos: Mini reading An Awesome Book!

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