Darling Moments: Pink & Blue Polka Dot Mugs

During Thanksgiving weekend, we stopped by a shop in Japan Town and my dad bought Brandon and me these matching mugs. 🙂 He also got a green one for himself, a yellow one for my sister and another green one for my other sister. A family of matching polka dot mugs!

One thought

  1. Hi. I don’t know you and I accidentally found your blog because I just started blogging..right now, today…for the first time ever. So…somehow I pushed a wrong button and I got on your site. Anyway…I saw this pic of the mugs and it just made me smile. How sweet your dad must be! What a cute idea to get those for all your family. I might steal the idea and buy something like those for next Christmas and give absolutely everyone I know a cute mug like that. Wouldn’t that be funny?? Well…Merry Christmas!!


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