Happy 2010! 😀

I hope you had a lovely holiday, a relaxing winter and a fun New Years. My mom came up for a short visit and of course, I stuffed myself with her delicious food! I think Brandon and I always gain a few pounds when we’re around my mom, which is TOTALLY worth it. We got a lot of wonderful Christmas gifts and one of my favorites will be shared on Thursday’s Shout Out. Our friend got us a Wii Active and let me tell you, it’s kicking my butt into shape. I haven’t felt this sore from a workout in months. Well, I haven’t worked out since the wedding, but it’s so much more effective than the Wii Fit Plus. 🙂 I can’t wait for the postman to come and open a Christmas package from my sister. Both our presents to each other ended up being delayed. As long as it gets here (or there) safely, that’s all that matters, right?

On to the news for this week: Our second season of the He Said She Said podcast will start next week. We’re working on something a little different and we’re both quite excited to share it with you. Stay tuned! 😉

A few days ago, I sent out My Dear Darling’s first official eNewsletter! I’m really giddy about this. 😀 Here’s a sneak peek to show you what it’s like:

That’s it for today! Hope you have a great Monday!

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