Shout Out – Mochi Studios

Last month, Brandon and I did some of our Christmas shopping at a couple of the local craft fairs. We invited our plush loving friend, Josh, along to Bizarre Bizarre. It was his first bigger craft show he’d attended. His eyes opened up wide anytime we’d come across a plush stand but by far, his favorite item was Mochi Studios’ Peas in a Pod. We couldn’t pull off buying it behind his back so we ended up waiting until Renegade where we went without him. I was so happy to find that Mochi Studios was a vendor there and we immediately bought this Pea in a Pod for Josh’s Christmas gift. He loved it. 🙂
Rita is the creator and crafter behind Mochi Studios. I love how in her about page she says, “Her favorite times to work are late at night when angry neighbors start to complain of her sewing machine rumbling their ceiling, during long drawn out phone conferences, and on nice sun filled evenings just before twilight with a cup of boba milk tea as her fuel.” I think I can relate to the sound of the sewing machine annoying the neighbors, but I have yet to get a complaint. And after I read this, I started craving milk tea. In any case, she’s not only got cute pea pods in her shop but also cute mushrooms, ninja beans, and much more. 🙂
Photos: Mini in a Pod, Mini & Josh’s Pea Pod, Happy Mini & Josh’s Pea Pod
Doesn’t Mini look happy with his friend? 😉

4 thoughts

  1. Thanks so much for dropping by Mochi Studios’ booth at Bazaar Bizarre and Renegade! I’m so happy that you found a Pea Pod for your friend! I hope you all had a happy holidays and happy new years! Thank yo so much for sharing about Mochi Studios! I love all the cute penguins and pillows you make and your website is well designed!


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