Fan Moments: Lavender in China Part I

My smile gets so BIG every time I check my inbox to find Fan Moment photos. 😀 Last week, I received these photos from H. The same sweet lady and her husband who sent in these photos of Lemony & Fotobie. They took Lavender, the newest addition to their penguin family, along their trip to China and were kind enough to share lots of photos! Here’s Part I of Lavender’s adventures:

Lavender eyeing the juicy oranges

Lavender fitting into the vase

Lavender meeting her new found friend

Lavender as part of the romantic set up on the bed

Lavender with Chinese style cushion

Examining traditional Chinese tea set

Reading the letter from hotel manager

Posing in front of the bridge and pagoda in the hotel

Stay tuned for the rest of the photos next week! 😀 Thank you H!

3 thoughts

  1. LOL, I love this photo set! lavander is soo photogenic! Is there a web-site with his adventures? – my colonel Tiny ( would use a friend.


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