WHAT News: What’s In Store

During my disappearing act, I worked on a few exciting new orders and entered a small logo contest for my SF Etsy Street Team. I found out last week that my design won and will be used as our new team logo & banner! 😀 I enjoyed creating it and it made me realize that I miss designing graphics. I also became part of their blog team and will be helping out with the redesign of the blog. Very exciting! 😀
In February, we participated in the Valentine Craft Fair for New People & Bazaar Bizarre SF. Brandon helped me with everything since I kept having to run to the restroom. :X I wish I was more present. If you haven’t checked out New People in Japantown, SF, you should! There’s lots of great shops with unique Japanese niknaks.

So what is there to look forward to from My Dear Darling now? There will definitely be a few changes in what we originally had scheduled, due to a number of big events going on this year with our family and friends. I’ll be focusing mainly on the online shop since Craft Fairs will be on hold. It takes me a bit longer to work on orders so I want to focus on those before I begin to think about stocking up for fairs or shows. 🙂 Also, we had to take a break from our podcast since Brandon’s been quite busy with work. I’m hoping He Said She Said will be back in the next month or two. Other than that, I’m sorry I have yet to release the promised Let’s Get Personalized Penguin tshirts as I shared in last month’s newsletter! (>_<)" BUT on the upside, Brandon and I decided we'll be holding a contest very very soon and giving away lots of prizes… well, the more folks who enter, the more prizes we'll be giving out, including the not-yet-released tshirts! 😀 So look out for that coming soon!!!
What’ve you been up to lately? 😀

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  1. Love the new shirts! I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for your contests.A huge huge congrats on your wonderful family news!!! I’ll be thinking of you and wishing you a happy, healthy baby!!!~Liz


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