My Darling Penguin Contest 2010

Here are the entries for the My Darling Penguin Contest 2010! 😀 Thank you to everyone who participated and sent in your awesome photos with your penguins! This is definitely going to be one tough competition to judge. Please look through all the photos and vote for your favorite! 🙂
What would you do with your Darling Penguin?

Entry #1: Chef Penguin by Kaori
I would teach my penguin how to bake and watch him closely so he won’t make any mistakes.
Entry #2: Hiking at Echo Mountain by Katy
Finally made it to the top, what an exhilaration!
Entry #3: Knitting Penguin by Linda
Knitting buddy of course! 🙂
Entry #4: Milo the Penguin by Seth
Milo is a very adventurous, curious, eco-friendly, and friendly penguin. Milo loves fishing. He is wearing his lucky green fishing hat with a gold fish on the front of it. He is wearing an eco blue t-shirt with the recycle sign on it and a fishing pole in his hand with his name on it. He has such a big heart!

I would name my penguin Milo. I would make him clothes, accessories, and give him a little area to chill out and play. I would take him everywhere with me, but no matter what I would take him on adventures with me, field trips, and when I travel I would take him no matter what! I would love Milo with all my heart just like he was a real penguin.
Entry #5 “Will you marry me?” Penguin by Tammy
Where I would take my penguin is still a toss-up between the park or to Carrabbas (our favorite restaurant), so instead, I took a picture of my penguin cut-out illustrating what I would do with the penguin: I would use him to help me propose to my boyfriend.

My guy and I have been dating for over a year now, we met through eHarmony!, and marriage is something we both know we want, and with each other. I can tell he is extremely nervous about proposing, so I’m going to surprise him and pop the question myself! Knowing him, he will still purchase a ring for me for our engagement (I’m positive he will say yes, that’s how in love we are with each other), so I haven’t actually gotten him an “engagement ring”. Instead, in the photo, you see a ring that does hold a lot of sentimental value to me: a national championship ring that I earned in high school, which I will give to him also, along with the penguin (if I do win one). He would get such a kick out of that!
Entry #6: My Big Daddy by Tommy & Erin
A Big Daddy penguin for Brandon’s birthday. It’s a mix-up of Brandon’s Bioshock 2 stuff and Akiyo’s My Dear Darling penguin. Plus, he’s going to be a Daddy.

The FAN FAVORITE winner will receive a Let’s Get Personalized Penguin T-Shirt! The OFFICIAL WINNER will be announced next Monday! (contest info)

Favorite My Darling Penguin Entry?
Voting ends Friday, April 30th at midnight PST.

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