My Darling Penguin Contest 2010 Winners

First of all, Brandon and I have to thank everyone who participated in entering and voting for the My Darling Penguin Contest! 😀 We seriously had the toughest time choosing which entries we liked most since every single one of them had GREAT qualities! So, since you guys took the time to enter, I’ll be sending everyone a participation prize. Please email me your mailing addresses to have your prizes sent your way!
Before I go into the winners, I want to note that one of the contestants, Katy, had sent in a few more photos just to share which you can view over at My Dear Darling’s Flickr page. I absolutely love this photo of Mike about to take a bite out of their paper penguin and this photo of Mike pointing out the view to the penguin! 😀 Thank you so much for sharing those extra pictures!
Here are the winners for the My Darling Penguin Contest 2010:
First Place Winners: Kaori and Tommy & Erin
Prize: Original Penguin Plush

Second Place Winner: Katy
Prize: Mini Penguin Plush
Third Place Winner: Seth
Prize: Let’s Get Personalized Penguin T-shirt

Here is a link to all the entries for this contest.

If you missed out on the contest, not to worry! The Annual Fan Food Contest is coming soon so you can participate and possibly win prizes then! 😉 Thank you!!

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