Shout Out – JooJoo

I can’t express how much I love every item in all three of Afsaneh’s Etsy shops: joojoo, joojooland, and persiangarden. In her original shop, joojoo, she sells these lovely watercolor prints that are painted with the utmost delicate detail. Her joojooland shop is full of whimsical jewelry and the cutest clay creations. And she features her colorful digital illustrations in the persiangarden. In every one of her works, you can tell she puts so much time and effort into the little details that you can’t help but stare at it for a while longer! šŸ™‚

Also, check out her beautiful blog which she showcases all her new designs and in-progress projects! (Hehe, can you tell I’m a pretty big fan? :P)

Photos: Bird and Malus flower, Three little flowers earrings, Bunnies cake topper

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