Darling Moments: Blue Velvet Cupcakes

Last month, I had this brilliant idea where since I had run out of red dye for red velvet cupcakes, I’d use blue dye and just call it blue velvet cupcakes. I even did an image search online thinking, “If it’s been done before, then I can do it too!” I came across this pretty blue cupcake and went for it. Uhhh, brilliant idea? I think not! As I added the blue dye in the mixture, my cupcakes started turning greener and blacker… it was seriously like I took a sample from a swamp in those classic horror films. I proceeded to bake these cupcakes, hoping that somehow, miraculously, the cupcakes would turn the pretty blue color. Okay, maybe not the pretty blue but at least a dark blue? Wrong again! They came out black/green so I dressed it up with frosting and blue sprinkles. 😛 The only way Husband would eat it: blind folded! Lol, I think I’ll hang my creative baking cap off to the side for a while…
Mini confused at the “blue” velvet cupcakes.

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