Totoro Cake & Songs

source: Carla Ikeda

Hunting for all these food inspiration photos has gotten me craving sweets! But then again, when do I NOT crave sweets? 😛
Today, I wanted to share this cute Totoro cake for inspiration. My sisters and I grew up watching Tonarino Totoro (My Neighbor Totoro) over and over. We would sing, dance and pretend to be characters from the movie. What can I say, we loved it! So when my sister came back from Japan and got me a few CDs of classic Japanese children’s songs, I was super excited when I heard the Totoro theme song (instrumental version) on one of them. The one we have actually has the lyrics but it’s beautiful either way. I’ve been playing it on a daily basis for Bruce to listen to and he falls asleep or stops crying when this song comes up. 🙂 It puts me in a good mood too!
Do you have a favorite childhood song that puts a smile on your face? I actually have a lot more, but I think Totoro is on the top of my favorites. 😉

P.S. Two days left to submit an entry to win $50! 🙂

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