A Couple Sketches

penguins & a teacup

Happy Friday!
I busted out my sketchbooks and started sketching again last weekend. These mini sketchbooks were actually a gift from Brandon back when we first started dating. (I still haven’t filled them up!) It’s the perfect size and activity when Bruce falls asleep in my arms and I have to keep him there because he wakes up otherwise. Hehe, yes, I spoil him. 😉 I was recently inspired to get back to the basics after seeing Afi and Melissa share their beautiful works on their blogs. Mine is far from that term so I’d like to try and draw something at least once a week in hopes of improving my skills. Maybe it could take over my Friday posts to motivate me?

thinking of different types of textured pillows for our living room
and more penguins
Speaking of improvements, I just signed up for an online painting course called Get Your Paint On which starts this coming Monday. I read about it on my SF Etsy team blog and enrolled myself in the class on a whim. How perfect for a stay-at-home-mom and me getting back to painting! I’ll be sketching and painting more in no time… At least, that’s the plan. I might be spreading myself thin, but I’m up for the challenge!
Along with all these exciting artsy events, I have a craft day with a couple of my girlfriends tomorrow! 😀 It’ll be our first craft day since Bruce’s arrival, not counting the gingerbread house making party. Hopefully we can get a little bit of craftiness going but it might be hard not to play with Bruce and squeal every time he smiles or giggles for the ladies. So much to look forward to in the next few weeks!
Wishing you have a crafty weekend! 🙂

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