A Daily Dose of Bruce: Day 2

Yesterday was one of the best days of my life. Brucie said, “dtha-dthee” (Daddy)!

He’s been trying to make the “d” sound for a few days now and although it sounds a little more like “dthe,” he put the sounds together to form “dtha-a-dthee” and “dtha-dthee”! My eyes watered, I rushed to get the camcorder and got it on video! I cry every time I watch it. :’)

Brandon couldn’t have been any happier when I played it back to him via Skype. I’m so glad Bruce’s first word is “Daddy”. I’m over the moon~!

One thought

  1. Ooohh.. he’s such a sweatheart! Well done, Bruce! Now, “Mama” next 😉
    ..makes me wanna have those days back. Well, not really LOL my boy always cried a lot before sleeping, but I love to watch babies learning day by day.


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