Shout Out – la casa de coto

I for one, have no room for any more furnishings in our small apartment BUT I absolutely want a pouf! ;D I love these hand crocheted poufs by la casa de coto. The vibrant colors are perfect for children’s spaces and how fun would it be to sit or lay belly down on one of these?

Ahh! I totally want one!

shop: la casa de coto
blog: la casa de coto
photos: floor cushion crochet, pouf crochet – small, crochet stool cover – gray

2 thoughts

  1. lol. you should challenge yourself to crochet your own – crocheting is actually really easy and fun, you could do it while mindlessly watching a tv show.
    i used to crochet hats, scarves, etc back in high school when i learned from my fashion design class 😛 besides – it’d be a fun new project – no?


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