Niko Smiles

Yay! I’ve been so eager to share these smiles with you. Not my smiles but Niko’s! He was already smiling on his name reveal post too. Did you notice? 😉

The biggest inspiration to begin all these changes with Niko has been my baby Bruce. Can you believe it’s been NINE months since I gave birth?! It’s such a wonderful experience being a Mommy and watching my little boy grow day by day; albiet tough at times, but great times nonetheless. His smiles and laughter melt my heart and his pouty faces crack me up. So each time I would get back to work while he takes a nap, I’d always feel like there’s just not enough emotion in Niko’s original face. Niko’s always happy but you simply couldn’t tell what he’d be thinking (which is one thing I love about the “content” face). But now, with these expressions, you can really see how happy he is!

I’m already using these happy faces in my current project (you know, the one with the Christmas deadline? Haha), but I hope to use them more in other projects too. I haven’t decided whether I’d ever change my penguin plush faces though… Oh, decisions decisions. 😉

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