Shout Out – Mabona Origami

Paper sculptures, including origami, is another one of my loves. I want to try and sculpt, cut, fold many things out of paper but I’ve only managed to fold paper cranes. (Oh, and this paper doll too!) So you can imagine my amazement when I stumbled across the intricate hand folded masterpieces by Sipho of Mabona Origami.

Stunning, is it not? 😀

shop: Mabona Origami
photos: Rainbow Origami Koi, Origami Kohaku, In Pursuit of Happiness

One thought

  1. You haaaaaaaaaave to check out Jeff Nishinaka. He’s a graduate from Art Center, studying Illustration, but grew a love especially for paper! He’s doen sooo many amazing and breathtaking installations for all sorts of clients that include Disney and Jackie Chan–who is a huge fan and friend of his.
    I know you will LOVE these! I’m goign to send you a pdf I have too that showcases his story and his work 🙂
    Here’s his website:


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