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Hello, September! 🙂 So nice to see you!
August has come and gone but it was a very productive month. I completed a design job consisting of 3 projects for a client (will share once their business opens), 4 personalized gifts, started Bruce’s birthday planning, and worked on 2 new products! Isn’t that unbelievable? And I don’t work full-time! I get a few hours a day while Bruce sleeps to work on anything and everything. Although, I hate to admit, it was starting to look a little shabby around the house. Haha, I can’t do it all!
The blogging “break” was a success in that I was able to focus on projects instead of worrying about blogging on a daily basis. I usually complete a couple orders a month and that’s if I’m lucky! Personalized orders take time since I email back and forth with customers which sometimes takes as many days as it does making the gift or more. So last month I took on a few clients at a time and it worked out perfectly!
Now, news that you may or may not like, depending on what side you’re on. I had been contemplating on stopping my personal posts on my blog or even quitting the blog altogether. As I looked through old posts, I realized there’s a lot of me instead of My Dear Darling, which isn’t too bad if it was balanced but clearly, it wasn’t. There’s so many beautiful and inspirational blogs out there that lured me into wanting to put more effort into blogging frequently. We’d be spending family time and I’d bust out my camera saying, “Wait! Lemme take a pic for the blog!” This part was not my favorite. It took time away from enjoying living in the moment with whoever I was with. My goal isn’t to become a fulltime blogger. My love is creating, crafting, designing and my goal is to share that with you. So with last month’s blog approach being a success, I decided to continue with the break (not really a break at this point since this will be the norm) and I’ll be posting My Dear Darling news, sneak peeks, personalized gifts, with the occasional shout outs and a little look into my personal life. 🙂
My focus had been offtrack and now I’m back. There’s other changes I’m still working out but I’ll share those with you once I’m ready.
How was your August? Were you productive?
I’m happy to welcome my second favorite month of the year, September, where we’ll be celebrating Brandon and my anniversary along with Bruce’s first birthday! 😀 So much to look forward to.

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