Wedding Anniversary Newspaper

My personalized take on a greeting card – a phamily newspaper! 😀 I had so much fun working on this project mainly because I went through most of our photos since we started dating.


of memories came flooding back which put me in the lovey dovey mood and made it that much more special.

I started out with a crossword but was “puzzled” (heehee) on how I’d give it to him. My sisters suggested many different (mostly ridiculous) ideas like putting it in a bottle and throwing it in the ocean. But then they mentioned publishing it in a newspaper. There was no way I was going to do that but it sparked the thought of creating our own newspaper together: The Phamily Times. I’m corny like that so it’s okay if you want to laugh. 😉

yes, I call my husband “tanny poo”


his vietnamese name is “tan”

the original crossword puzzle

3 things i love about you

3 memories i love

3 things i’m excited for

(inspired by

this pin

on pinterest)

the hearts & maps idea was taken from pinterest


I put it in his

man purse

bag in the morning before he went off to work and asked if he could make copies of paperwork if he gets the chance. Of course, he didn’t check what it was and I received this text message about an hour later:

“tricky bastard.” “pretty damn cool. love it. love u.”

Lol. He loved it and enjoyed “a major trip down memory lane” (as he put it). ❤ Happy Anniversary to us! 😀

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