NEW Pumpkin Penguins

pumpkin penguin 2011
with a happy jack-o-lantern tummy

Katsu-Bee with my pumpkin bear

I hope you’re in the spirit of a little Halloween. I’ve been wanting to make the pumpkin penguins but always forgot once October rolled around. So this year, I made them two months in advanced so I wouldn’t forget.
The Pumpkin Penguins are inspired by the Pumpkin Decorating Contest entry I made for my art school way back in 2007! My pumpkin bear won “Most Original” and I was super proud! The only sad part of this story is that the stuffed animal bear I used for the contest was thrown away. I had it with me since I was 5 when I won it in Las Vegas. So as awful as these photos are (quality wise) I’m so glad I have them because it reminds me of those two victorious moments. 🙂

handwritten trick or treat on back of pumpkin bear

pumpkin penguin

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