My Dear Darling Turns Three

niko the penguin turned 3 today

Thank you to everyone that has supported me and My Dear Darling these past 3 years and many more years to come! I’m so fortunate to be surrounded by such an amazing group of friends (in real life and in the online world), it sincerely makes me the happiest of business owners. It truly is a dream come true.
Thank you for all the emails, messages, comments, FB “likes,” and fan photos that you’ve sent my way! They are the reasons why I love doing what I do and the fuel to my creative fire. Lol, does that sound silly? It’s okay, ‘cuz I like it. 😉
I hope you’re enjoying your Monday as much as I will be enjoying celebrating little Niko‘s birthday!
Lots of Smiles,
p.s. Fan Food Contest 2011 info will be posted soon so be on the lookout!

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