Free DIY Printable Valentine’s Day Card

print-it-yourself valentine card


The printable Valentine’s Day card will require a little bit of work (complete with instructions) but I hope you enjoy putting it together and sharing it with your loved ones… or maybe keeping it for yourself? 😉


printable valentine with niko darling
(free download here)


8.5″ x 11″ card stock paper
xacto and/or scissors
scoring tool (optional)
hole puncher


step 1: Print My Dear Darling Printable Valentine and the hearts and bows patterned paper onto an 8.5″ x 11″ paper. I suggest using regular paper for the hearts and bows and card stock (thick paper) for the printable Valentine.


step 2: Cut out the card and as many hearts as you wish. You can use an xacto knife with a ruler to get a clean straight cut for the card itself. (A metal ruler would be best but I only had an “ultraflex” that Husband let me borrow.) :p

step 3: Fold the card in half. I used a scoring tool to get a cleaner fold line.

step 4: Punch out the white circles on Niko’s hands with a hole puncher.

step 5: Tape the hearts on ribbon and tie onto Niko’s hands. You can write a message on the hearts before you put it on the ribbon.

back view of card at this point
step 6: Glue the patterned paper onto the back of card and trim down.
step 7: Write a love note and gift it to your Valentine. Hehe, Bruce just happened to make this cute little face when I showed the card to him yesterday morning. I think he liked it. 😉


you can gift your card by itself…
or with a package wrapped up in hearts too!

I hope you like these printables! I’d love to hear feedback so if you get a chance please leave a note. 🙂

Lots of Smiles,

Please note: The Printable Valentine’s Day Card design and PDF download are copyrighted material. For personal use only. Please do not reproduce, copy, and/or sell. Thank you!

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