Free Printable Valentine Hearts Wrapping Paper

a box of chocolates wrapped up in hearts for Valentine’s Day
Good news! 😀 Over the weekend, I put together the free printables (yes, 2!) and got it ready to share with you today. Are you excited as I am? 😉
The first of the two is this hearts and My Dear Darling bows patterned paper:
printable hearts & My Dear Darling bows pattern
(free download here)
I wanted the first design to serve multiple purposes. You can print it to wrap a small gift or print lots, tape it together and wrap something bigger. You can use it for scrapbook backgrounds, cards, envelopes (see below) and tags. I’m sure you can think of other creative ways to use the patterned paper too.
hearts and my dear darling bows patterned envelopes
line a greeting card
If you have a chance to download and use this free printable, I’d love to see what you do with it so please share and link back. 😉 I’ll be posting the Printable Valentine later today!
Lots of Smiles,
Please note: The hearts and My Dear Darling bows pattern and the printable PDF download are copyrighted material. For personal use only.  Please do not reproduce, copy, and/or sell. Thank you!

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