My Dear Darling On Society6

when you wish upon a star

I’m delighted to share some exciting news today! 😀

Last week, I took one of my favorite daily penguin doodles and turned it into a painting! It was so fun bringing color and life to my doodle, I’m excited to start painting some more. There’s something about painting that makes me feel so relaxed and peaceful, happy and inspired. Do you get that feeling when you’re doing something you love? 🙂

This painted version of When You Wish Upon A Star is available through Society6 prints and from now thru August 12, 2012, there’s free shipping worldwide if you purchase it through this link HERE.

I’ve ordered mine today and will share with you how they turn out as soon as I get them. If you can, please show some love by “hearting” or sharing the link. 🙂

Thank You & Lots of Smiles,

2 thoughts

  1. Okay….. can we just hang out one day and collaborate to make a children’s book? i think these would make a perfect picture book for children


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