Penguin Doodle A Day: Week 7

best place to be stuck


トトロ (totoro) love

case of the mondays

1, 2, 3, jump!

ちょうだい ( i want it )


Happy Friday, darling friends! 😀

This week, there are many things I’m so very thankful for! Starting with a sweet post from Super Cute Kawaii featuring the French Penguin, who totally does look like he could be one of Le Bun’s relations. 😉 Then I was completely surprised that some lovely anonymous person submitted my Pineapple Penguin over at Cheezburger’s Must Have Cute blog! It’s always an honor having my penguins among the cutest finds around the web! And a couple days ago, Google alerted me that Trend Hunter had written about my penguins under Adorable Arctic Avian Toys: Add Some Personality to Plushies With the My Dear Darling Penguins. Awesome, right?! 😀

Well, it didn’t end there… I browse through Instagram’s ‘penguin’ hashtag sometimes to ‘like’ cute photos of penguins. I came across a sweet photo a couple days ago and it turns out that the girl who posted it knew about My Dear Darling! I know it sounds silly to be excited about this, but it truly made me feel like it’s a small world! 🙂 To be able to “run” into someone from searching for #penguin photos!

So a huge THANK YOU to Mar-C (Super Cute Kawaii), the anonymous person for submitting the Pineapple Penguin (Must Have Cute), and Erin Kirkpatrick (Trend Hunter) for posting about my work!! Also, a big thank you to everyone who’s given the Pineapple a thumbs up, pinned my penguins over on Pinterest, and shared about my painting! To be honest, I started the week off feeling a little blue but you have all helped me put a huge smile on my face!

Have a wonderful weekend ya’ll! ;D

Lots of Smiles,

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