Bruce’s Second Birthday

Bruce's Second BirthdayBruce's Second Birthday

Bruce’s Second Birthday

We celebrated and celebrated all weekend long! We laughed, we ate, and we played to our hearts content. Bruce had the best second birthday with his family!

On Saturday night, my mom prepared the best birthday dinner and my sister, Kaori, made these amazing Nemo cupcakes:

Nemo Birthday CupcakesNemo Birthday Cupcakes

Nemo Birthday Cupcakes

nemo birthday cupcakesone of my top favorites she’s ever baked

Bruce's Second BirthdayBruce's Second Birthday

Bruce’s Second Birthday

bruce learned how to blow out candles… kind of
my favorite animated gif i’ve made 😉 

Bruce's Second BirthdayBruce's Second Birthday

Bruce’s Second Birthday

our little phamily at disneyland

On Sunday, we went to Disneyland, Bruce’s favorite place to visit. We go often but this time was special because his Auntie Kaori and grandpa came along. My dad hadn’t been to Disneyland in about 20 years! I loved hearing stories of those days when we were kids and loved that we were making more memories by having him there with us.

Disneyland Halloween TimeDisneyland Halloween Time

Disneyland Halloween Time

jack skellington at the haunted mansion

This was the first time that we got to experience the Haunted Mansion ride decked out in The Nightmare Before Christmas. Oh dear, this has quickly become one of my favorites! Although, I am a bit biased since Christmas is my favorite time of year. 😉 What made this ride even more special was that they had a gift prop with a tag that said “Bruce”! I was so giddy when our friend pointed it out and quickly snapped a photo. Unfortunately, you couldn’t make out the letters so I’ll have to go back again some time soon to share! 😉

my two year old birthday boy

Bruce had so much fun as did our whole family. 🙂 Friends, thank you so much for ALL the birthday wishes and to those of you that wished me a happy “birth-day” too! (I never thought to wish the mother a happy birthday but now I must!) I am also speechless about the amount of gifts that were sent and given to Bruce. Thank you! ❤ Brandon and I were completely surprised and are forever grateful for being part of his special day from afar by putting a huge smile on his face!

Happy October and hope you have a smiley Monday!

Lots of Smiles,

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