Shout Out – Lazy Animals

Good morning darling friends! 🙂 I’ve decided to bring back Shout Out posts simply because I’ve been finding some amazing handmade items that I couldn’t keep to myself. So without further ado, my first Shout Out of the year goes to Ayelet of Lazy Animals.

Is this not the cutest finger puppet shop, ever? I love everything from the concept to the materials to the detailed designs!

I also love how Ayelet describes her work saying, “They hold within them not only the time it took me to create them, but also the thoughts I had or the day-dreams I fell into while knitting and needle-felting them.” You can even see glimpses of that through the photos of each finger puppet.

Visit her shop and flickr page to see more of her beautiful works! Which one’s your favorite? Oh, and did I mention how darling her name is too?! 🙂

shop: Lazy Animals
blog: Lazy Animals
flickr: Ayelet Gazit
facebook: Lazy Animals
photos: Finger Puppet Box – Kangaroo & Fox, Finger Puppet Swing – Red Squirrel Valentines, Finger Puppet Box – Kangaroo, Finger Puppet Mobile – Red Reindeer

Shout Outs are my way of sending my love to amazing artists, crafters, and designers that I’ve met or I’ve stumbled upon through the internet. Please show your support for the handmade and indie community by clicking the links, liking their pages, and maybe even purchasing their brilliant works! Let’s spread handmade love together!

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