Crafting With Bruce Vol. 1

ghosts and makkurokurosuke garland

Good morning, darling friends!

I’m excited to share my newest column for my blog: Crafting with Bruce! I’ve been looking forward to crafting with my son since he was swimming around in my belly! But there’s only so many things an infant can make so I patiently waited for him to grow. 😉 Now that he’s two, he’s old enough to join in on my crafting adventures!

So for our first project, we made a ghosts and makkurokurosuke garland! The makkurokurosuke are from the movie, (My Neighbor) Totoro – his favorite Japanese movie right now. You can get a little glimpse of the process in the animated GIF above!

I used this ghost tutorial by Llevo El Invierno to make the ghosts and for the makkurokurosuke, I used the same concept but with shorter yarn, like a pom pom. Here’s the materials we used:

felt, yarn, scissors and thumbtacks to hang

Of course, I had to do all the cutting, tying, and gluing but Bruce had fun helping me count the yarn, pulling out the yarn, playing with the spiders, and placing the eyes on the ghosts. Every once in a while, when we pass by the garland, he points to them and says, “ghos! ghos!” which makes me so glad we made it together. 🙂

Hope you liked the fun little animated photo I made! Will you be making a ghost garland too?

Lots of Smiles,

13 thoughts

  1. I agree with Megumi! 🙂
    This looks like so much fun! And I’m sure Bruce appreciated being a part of the project, too. I can’t wait to do crafts with Mio when she’s old enough.


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