Workspace Inspiration Board

Let the apartment living begin! Well, we won’t be moving in until early March but I’m finally ready to finish our condo renovations, get packing and get moving. I feel like things are finally starting to fall into place!

As I briefly mentioned yesterday, we did our last apartment viewings on Saturday and finally decided on a one bedroom 600 square feet apartment. And although I was happy the search was over, I felt nervous more than ever and kept doubting our decision. Long story short, yesterday morning they posted another unit that was 46 square feet bigger with a walk in closet and was on the second floor instead of the first. I jumped for joy and asked Brandon what he thought. He agreed that it was better, talked to the leasing consultant (who, by the way, also said it was better) and BAM! We got it updated and now I don’t have a single doubt in my bones. They’ll be renovating the place before we move in too so we’ll have an updated apartment! I’m feeling very lucky and thankful. 🙂

So to continue my preparation for Operation Downsize, I put together our workspace / entertainment area mood board which will also be in the living room. Last week, I shared our living room inspiration for our living / sleeping area and it’s been motivating me to search around the web for more space saving solutions. I’ve been pinning like mad on my decor Pinterest board of great examples of beautiful workspaces for two since Brandon and I will both be needing desk space. We’re looking to hook up our tv above the desk like we had in our condo. Well, now looking at the picture, it might be between our computer monitors instead. We’ll have to see how much space we have! As for storage, I was thinking of having it above our desk like this and this and this. What do you think? Any tips or suggestions?

Since this is still the living room, I’ve kept the same chairs as the living / sleeping inspiration board since we’ll be using it for work and for additional seating. Here’s a list of the items for our workspace / entertainment area mood board:

Besta Storage, Vika Desk, Alex Drawer, Tertial Work Lamp from Ikea
Mimosa Curtain Panels from ZGallerie (We already have these in our old office.)
Milk Glass Vase for storing writing utensils (I purchased this through MaisysMarket on Etsy.)
Pink Boxes from The Container Store
Louis Side Chair
Tailor Scissors from Fishs Eddy
Recycled Leather Notebooks
Birdie Letter Opener (A gift from my friend, Bryce.)
Mini Niko the Penguin (Of course!)
Q&A 5 Year Journal (A gift from my friends, Tommy & Erin, and my sister, Kaori.)
Penguin Cup by Mie Kongo Studio (I bought a few years ago and still love!)

I think I’ll eventually add a little navy into the room as well since these mood boards are currently quite feminine. 😉 I’ve fallen in love with this color palette which is very similar to what I had in mind for our condo. I just can’t get away from those yellows and pinks!

Again, if you have any suggestions, please do share! 😀

Lots of Smiles,

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